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Irving, Texas: A Place for Millennials to Live and Grow Their Wealth

Millennial buyers are sometimes hindered from entering the real estate market. They lack knowledge and education. They have fear around what they don’t know.

And, yet, a lot of millennials, or other first-time home buyers, have the ability to enter the market, buying homes from $300,000 to $500,000. They have the buying power to get the home they want and get it updated. And, it...

Texas Homestead Exemption Time

With the new year upon us, it’s the perfect time for all homeowners to check that your Texas Homestead Exemption is in place. This applies to those who purchased homes last year and those who never got around to filing one. A Texas Homestead Exemption is an easy and free way to save money on your annual property taxes. Love it!

New Homeowner: Filing Texas Homestead Exemption


How Fed Interest Rate Hike will Impact 2017 Mortgage Rates

Wondering what mortgage rates will look like in 2017? Curious what impact the Fed interest rate hike will have on monthly payments? Listen to Andy Tuttle of The Tuttle Group, live on on 600AM KOGO radio in San Diego Dec. 26. Andy discusses consumer confidence relative to homebuying and the expected impact of the Federal interest rate hike on mortgages.

According to Zillow Group‘s...

When to walk away from buying a home:

So you think you found the perfect new home. You’ve walked it through, assessed the floor plan and the condition of the home, and you’ve decided it will fit your family’s needs perfectly.

Here are some big deal breakers to be on the look out for. It may look like the perfect house, but any one of these obstacles can be a sign that you should look...

Home Buying Surprises

You’ve been saving for years, building up enough money for a sizable down-payment or even for a complete cash offer on a house, and you’ve found the perfect house to buy. But, are you prepared for ALL of the costs that come with buying a home?

Here are some expenses that are often aren’t considered, and come as a surprise to home...

Navigating the Home Buying Process in A Seller’s Market

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s no secret that the housing market (especially in North Texas) is a seller’s market right now, and home prices are only going up. Which is good for sellers, but bad for buyers.

Don’t despair! Many home buyers have successfully navigated their way though the seller’s market, and so can you. Here are a few tips to...

Buyer’s Remorse

If you’ve done just about any shopping in your life, you’ve probably experienced buyer’s remorse of some sort. And in most cases, you can take the item back for a return or exchange. Unfortunately, for one of the biggest purchases of your life, buying a home, there is no return policy.

With the Dallas housing market busy right now, with competitive bidding and a low...

Three Tips for a Hot Real Estate Market That Can Keep Your Results High

Three Tips for a Hot Real Estate Market That Can Keep Your Results High

The market is still HOT HOT HOT although it is cooling down some. Inventory is down as much as 35% in some areas, which means fewer houses available.

That’s giving sellers more confidence to stick with a higher price. If you like “low ball offers,” watch out! Your strategy has been a pit in...

Potential Reasons Home Sales Can Fall Through

Buying or selling a home is an all-around stressful time, particularly when things go wrong or the sale falls through. You may understand the possibilities of the sale falling through, but when it happens to you it can be a heartbreaking shock. Below are a few common reasons sales fall apart:

The buyer gets ‘cold feet’ – Whether it is fear of...

A Seller’s Self-Imposed Roadblocks

With it being a hot real estate market, and a seller’s market at that, you’ve decided to join in and put your house up for sale. You’ve put the “For Sale” sign up, listed your home, and hired a real estate agent, but you’ve had little to no interest.

What could be the hold-up? Well, it could very well be you. Here are some common self-imposed...

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